Empieza la Operación Verano de Carritus de la mano de la nutricionista Pilar Munné

Operación VeranoDesde este mes de mayo, la nutricionista Pilar Munné capitanea la Operación Verano de Carritus, en que responderá a las consultas sobre nutrición que le planteen los lectores del blog. “Os animo a hacerme preguntas, porque es una buena oportunidad para aclarar dudas sobre alimentación”, dice Munné.

Haznos llegar tus preguntas para la nutricionista Pilar Munné

  1. Ananda dice:

    Hola . Mi pregunta para señorita pilar es,que me gustaría saber por que puedo sustituir el pan,ya que me gusta mucho.quiero encontrar algo con lo pueda estar tranquila de comer sin pensar en que me engorda
    Ya que suelo engordar mucho de brazos y de espalda. Muchas gracias por su ayuda

      • Fihany dice:

        my annoyance is paltry evites fault and of course the people guilty of the following behavior; evite shows when people have viewed their evite. Couldn’t these people put themselves down as a maybe if they need to check their calendar. Evite will send a reminder email BUT dang a RSVP at that point is a must! I hate maybes that go unresolved!! In addition, I really don’t care what the reason is for a no response BUT if there is one I think the following should be avoided: Have fun at first glance it seems innocent but if you read in the context of a no RSVP it feels a little ugly. Have fun (or at least try cause I’m not coming to your stupid event) Gonna miss this one this basically means they will miss them all. seriously I have gotten this one and have NO CLUE what it means.there are others but I probably don’t need to muck up your only blog with them.

  2. SARA dice:

    Me gustaría saber si tendiendo colesterol, el queso en lonchas light o el queso en porciones light, se pueden consumir una vez en semana, 2 porciones de uno de las 2 variedades.

  3. beatriz dice:

    hola quisiera saber ¿cuántos kg debería perder?, mido aprox. 1.47 y peso 54.4 kg

    y como norma general, qué alimentos no conviene mezclar.


  4. Dimitry dice:

    Pena que a “chuva de estreadlas” (le1griadmas do uniadverso?) ne3o aconadtee7a entre hoje e amanhe3, e0s 24h, com ednicio um pouco antes (maradcando esta data) teradmiadnando um pouco depois (maradcando outra, minha). Obriadgado, ne3o conadsta que a impsenra “coradrente” o tenha lembrado

    • Bur dice:

      Go on ebay and do an “advanced search” and chsooe to only search for “completed listings only”. Look at the recent prices it sold for on ebay. A coin is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

  5. Milena dice:

    Hi Catarina,No it wasn’t GoDaddy, but I have a feeling the exencipere is not uncommon. Often we hear about this type of service from larger companies and I was really surprised that it was a small business. I think they did not have the resources and took on too much at the one time.You are right about service and I would not recommend them even though their product is good.Thanks for your comment.


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